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I don't like ebay, but open source! Vendor and trusted Moderator (Deutsch / english). I accept Lightning payments!
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Welcome !

I'm selling random stuff

Any questions ? Contact me! (english / Deutsch)

⚡ I support Bitcoin + Lightning  and PIVX for payments 

Latest updates (

18.06.18: I now accept bitcoin lightning payments for small transactions (testing)

11.12.17: Sold a "Ledger Nano S"! Recieved DASH as a Payment. Customer is happy!

15.10.17: Solved my first dispute on openbazaar 2.0. All went smooth

27.09.17: I'm the most trusted Moderator right now:

26.05.17: Over 14 Stores now trust me as a Moderator:

24.05.17: I just sold for the second time

09.04.17: I just sold my old Laptop :) My first sell on Openbazaar

04.04.17: this store is now a "trusted store" on duosearch :

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28.00 EUR
Handgestrickt Hausschuhe | Handmade Slippers

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

Handgestrickt Hausschuhe / Filzschuhe mit Bitcoin Logo Größe ungefähr 42

2,999.00 EUR
Golf V 1.4 Schwarz 150.000 km

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

 Golf V 1.4 da ich seit einiger Zeit in die Stadt gezogen bin, benötige ich mein Auto nicht mehr wirklich. Deshalb biete ich den Wagen hier an. Es werden ggf. Altcoins als Zahlung akzeptiert.  Übersich Er...

1,000.00 EUR

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

you will buy the transfer code for this domain.

75.00 EUR
RS232-MDB for PC to MDB interfaces / adapter

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

RS232-MDB allows the PC to act as a slave cashless payment device for existing vending machine controllers (VMC). It allows the PC to act as a cashless device and add credit(s) to the vending machine. The RS232-MDB interfaces any MDB vending d...


Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

I want to test currency trading on openbazaar. BTW: You can purchase all my listings with PIVX :)