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I am selling random stuff and Linux based privacy computers
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I am very much involved in digital privacy. Thats one reason i support Openbazaar rather than *bay-stuff.

Decentralisation will be the future. 

Please leave me a message if you would like to purchase something with Altcoins.


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20.00 EUR
USB/12V Adapter/charger

Sold By: Jack of all trades

Mainsadapter / charger.Run your 12V or USB devices at home with this 230V supply.Load: 350 mAMade for small 12V devices like lamps, radios, navigation systems. 
NOT suitable for high current devices like compressors, coffemaschin...

30.00 EUR
stealth USB flash drive / marker pen

Sold By: Jack of all trades

It looks like an ordinary marker pen and it IS an (allmost) ordinary marker pen.But you can find an USB flash drive in the back cover. It is a little difficult to pull out but this was made on prupose. Hide your sensitive data from others, ...

250.00 EUR
Linux Openbazaar Privacy Computer

Sold By: Jack of all trades

Medium Tower Computer for sale. Dim. 43x19x45 cmSpecs: Captiva AMD Phenom 2 X4 840, 3,2 GHz, 8GB Ram, 750 GB HDD Seagate
normal Office PC.This Pc is well prepared for private surfing the internet and  Openbazaar store.

150.00 EUR
LED wooden table light

Sold By: Jack of all trades

decorative unique table light made of a solid slice of cherrywood.
the wodden body is just grinded but not painted, oiled or treated in any other way - pure nature.Light tech specs: 230V 4.8W LED spot 3000k, GU10 socket, IP44 - fo...

27.00 EUR
Halogen flood light 1kW

Sold By: Jack of all trades

Flood light Halogen (NO Led), for outdoor use (IP54).Used but working.Fitted with 50cm cable and Schuko (German) plug. 230V 1000Wglass size ~27 x 20 cmtech specs see picture.Bright and warm! You might even heat up your ...

65.00 EUR
forestry jacket Kox Duro

Sold By: Jack of all trades

forestry Jacket from Kox. New and unused, Size 02 M. For further description seehttps://www.kox.at/Forstjacken/duro-ForstjackeI will ship the jacket as it was in its original cloth bag. Free shipping to Germany...

90.00 EUR
chainsaw cut protection trousers Kox Duro+

Sold By: Jack of all trades

forestry chainsaw cut protection trousers from Kox. New and unused, Size 50. For further description seehttps://www.kox.at/Schnittschutzhosen/duro-BundhoseI will ship as it was in its original cloth bag. Free shipp...

5.00 EUR
chainsaw sharpening service

Sold By: Jack of all trades

Sawchain sharpening service.Send your worn out sawchain to me, i will sharpen it and send it back to you.All kinds of chains from 1/4" 1.1mm to 0.404" 1.6mm.Just send me a message and i will provide you with a German address ...

1.00 EUR
Cover up sticker for cameras

Sold By: Jack of all trades

With these tiny little stickers you can cover the camera of your mobile phone or tablet or your webcam. If you are affraid of beeing spyed from your camera just cover it up with this sticker and you are safe.The sheet contains 4 stickers, ...

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150.00 EUR
Chainsaw Top handle Scheppach

Sold By: Jack of all trades

allmost new Top handle chainsaw Scheppach CSP2540.Top handle saws are used by arborists, treeclimbers, rooftilers or carpenters, people who need a lightweight chainsaw in great hights. Due to the balanced handle on the top, the saw can be u...