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Please check out my random selection of stuff for sale. Happy shopping!
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Welcome to my little online shop! Here you could find just about anything. Some items are new, some are second hand... but always as described and with the best service ???? Happy shopping!

So yeah, "cryto winter" has set in, but who cares, right? Bitcoin is still awesome and works better than ever. It's still a great time to get some bitcoin and buy yourself or your friends and family some cool and unique items on openbazaar!

I try to keep my openbazaar node on as much as possible but I am not a business and cannot keep it running 24/7. If your order is especially urgent, no harm in dropping me an email so I can get to your order ASAP!

Discounts for purchasing multiple items If you decide to purchase various items for shipment to the same address, I will throw a few thousand satoshis your way after you have received the items and left a fair review, as a means of thanking you for your custom. Just write to me after you've left your reviews with a bitcoin address or a lightning payment request. How much you will get depends on which items you purchase. If you'd like to know in advance, drop me a line before ordering.

⚡ I support Bitcoin lightning paymentsIf you'd like to save on bitcoin fees, I can accept lightning payments for any item under 200€, although this is not supported by OpenBazaar, so the transaction would have to take place outside the OpenBazaar platform. Contact me via chat or email and let me know which item you would like, supply me with a delivery address and I will send you a payment request. If you prefer you can check yourself out on my BTCPay server, make sure you input the correct amount, including shipping where applicable), and then send me an email with the details of your order. 

Free stickers!: Pay for any physical item using bitcoin and you will be sent a free "we love bitcoin" sticker with your order.

Purchase from a web browser: If you are viewing this via a web browser and would like to purchase something, but don't want to install the Openbazaar client, no problem! Check the total price of what you want to order (including shipping where applicable), and click on this link. Input the total amount (my listings are priced in EUR) and make the payment, and send me an email with details of the item you want to purchase plus delivery and any other details. Bitcoin (including ⚡ lightning) accepted. 

Donations: If you like my shop or just wanna make a stranger happy, feel free to send me a tip by purchasing this listing, or by visting my donation page (⚡ lightning BTC also accepted!).

Get started with lightning bitcoin! If you need a lightning wallet, I recommend Elcair Wallet (send only) or Bitcoin Lightning wallet (send and receive). It should be noted that while I have tested them and found them to work very well, these apps, as well as the Lightning Network itself, are in beta - use at your own risk!

Altcoins: I prefer bitcoin but will also accept the following coins for orders of under 50€: DOGE, LTC, XMR or DASH.

Refunds: If for whatever reason I need to issue you a refund, you will be refunded the amount you paid for the order in the crypto you used to pay for it, minus the blockchain fees.

Import duties: You should not have to pay import duties on most items in my shop, however if import duties are due, you, the purchaser, are responsible for paying them. My listings indicade where your order will be shipped from, if in doubt with regards to whether you will have to pay import duties, please check with your local authorities. 


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155.00 USD
100 $ USD bill 1974 series - 1974 one hundred dollar note

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

A one hundred dollar bill from the 1974 series. In remarkable condition for a 44 year old circulated bill. Please check the photos to evaluate its condition yourself before purchasing. Perfect souvenir for someone born in 1974 or a great collecto...

12.50 EUR
[Out of stock!] Premium 4K Compatible Gold Plated Braided HDMI Cable (1m)

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

1m premium 4K compatible gold plated braided HDMI cableSPECIFICATIONS
--Supports 3D, 4K, ARC, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i Resolutions.
--Supports transfer rates of at least 18Gbps & 240/480Hz increased ref...

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42.50 EUR
3 pack of Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical bitcoin / Bitcoin bearer bond

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical bitcoin / bearer bond.

These wonderful little devices are essentially single use bitcoin hardware wallets (hence the piggy bank analogy - you can put as much money you want...

14.90 EUR
Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical Bitcoin / BTC bearer bond (with optional 3D printed case / USB OTG adaptor) ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

This listing is for a single Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical bitcoin / bearer bond  (with an optional 3D printed case if you so desire - ...

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5.50 EUR
CAT7 Flat Ethernet RJ45 10Gbps Ultra-Thin LAN Network PC Patch Cable, gold plated connectors, white, 3m ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

3m long. New and tested.
Our Cat7 ethernet cables offer a high-speed wired internet or network connection. With speeds up to 10Gbps and bandwidth capabilities of 600MHz, they're perfect for large scale, modern office networks. Guaran...

1.50 EUR
[Out of stock!] Bitcoin coffee / Paralelni Polis stickers (set of three) ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

A set of three stickers as per the photo. I picked these up at a very special coffeeshop in Prague where they ONLY accept crypto payments (BTC, LTC or XMR). They also have a hackerspace, makers space and run all kinds of educational workshops. We...

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2.50 EUR
Aaron Swartz Postcard ''Information is power'' ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

A postcard featuring the great Aaron Swartz (RIP) with the following quote of his: "Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves".
If you don't know who Aaron Swartz...

4.50 EUR
3D printed Crypto Cloak case for Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

This listing is for a single 3D printed Crypto Cloak case, available in black, red or white, for an ...

0.06 EUR
???????? Translation from Spanish to British English or vice versa ???????? Traducción del castellano al inglés o viceversa

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡


Translation from (Castilian*) Spanish to Britis...

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1.70 EUR
Set of (new) replacement buds for in-ear headphones ⚡

Sold By: ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡

Set of three pairs of new replacement silicone buds for in ear type headphones.
Three diferent sizes are included: one pair of small (semi transparent), one pair medium (white), and one pair large (semi transparent). They are new and hav...