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Cornupia Capital Ltd., an asset management and investment banking firm
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Cornupia Capital Ltd., an asset management and investment banking firm specializing in the new token based digital economy. Forecasting and research of the financial market using Elliott Wave theory, demographics and economic cycles. 

Cornupia Capital Ltd. is a financial advisory company committed to helping its clients - corporations, partnerships and individuals - achieve their strategic and financial goals. Cornupia’s success results from its focus on providing clients with superior quality advice and developing creative solutions to complex problems. 

This philosophy is embedded in Cornupia’s emphasis on competing through intellectual rather than financial capital. 

Cornupia has an extensive experience in reorganizing and restructuring limited partnerships and cooperation including merger acquisitions and equity syndications.


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9,900.00 USD
Investment Advisory

Sold By: Cornupia Capital

Global Perspective – Revealing the major long term trends

• Investment advisory/ forecasting services, focusing on the big picture covering all major markets and  regions....

10,000.00 USD
Corporate Advisory

Sold By: Cornupia Capital

Cornupia is a financial advisor specializing in the digital economy with a history of providing innovative and independent advice. Cornupia’s solutions for its clients are based on judgment, experience and intellectual insight....