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supplying medical grade cannabis,flowers, concentrates, vape and other products to patients, accept altcoins for DD
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if you have any issues with placing an order or trying to message us you can also contact us at

[email protected]

Wickr   medicalgreens

3/30/18 Update

Orders are now coming through on my OB store. I could not see any orders come through for a while, but it is fixed now so you will see me much more active on OB from now on. I will be checking daily. You can also reach us at our email addy. Looking for something specific? I can probly find it for you(Cannabis)

order away my friends....I am also on Wallst, you can read my reviews there as I have been vending there for a while since there were problems with OB



update 1-27 Some messages and orders are not coming through right now, we can be reached at our email [email protected], we check it several times a day, please email us before placing an order here on OB.If you have sent me a messege or placed an order and not got a reply please email me while the problems at OB are being resolved.

thanks Medicalgreens

Update: Now also vending on wallst. Store name Medicalgreens, they offer full escrow listings and accept Monero and BTC, still doing DD here and through my email as it saves us both on transaction fees and I can accept ALT coins and monero through DD email

UPDATE: now accepting Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, ETH Classic,Dash, and EOS on all DD orders, still accepting btc and bitcoin cash but I figure those 2 have the highest fees and we can keep costs down by using the others so we are all set up and ready to take payments using altcoins. We ship Priority fast with very good stealth. 

email me if you need an invite to wallst 



Merry Christmas everyone

Please take  a look at out latest review on our carts

email us at [email protected] for DD deals .

Menu is always changing with different strains, if you dont see what you want I can probably find it.

Start with a small order to try, bigger amounts coming, curing now, (right now we are specializing in carts) but we have some good flower too.




supplying medical grade cannabis,flower and concentrates, same you get from dispensary. These products are grown and made and sold to dispenserys for medical patients

My products have been tested and passed mold/mildew/bugs and have  THC %, tested in lab

Attn: please have more coin in your wallet then the order costs, as the transaction fees might prevent me from accepting and fullfilling your order, I have already sent out packs that were not paid due to the transaction fees and btc price changes because I want to keep my customers happy but I am not able to receive a review or my coins if I can't accept, fullfill and have you complete your order. For example if product cost 50 dollars please have 60 in your wallet so I can accept and fullfill and you can complete and leave me a fair review, thanks for understanding.

pleases know PGP, if you dont hit me up on wickr medicalgreens or message me here or my email

my pics are of actual product not screen shots from leafly or other sites, actual product

you will never get any seeds in your flower, all flower tested by a real lab, these are excess meds as we have a lot extra. Fresh Harvest of many strains being cured now and avail soon.

Wickr   medicalgreens

email    [email protected]

I pride myself on taking care of my customers and shipping fast so that you are not waiting on a pack for a week or even 2 weeks.Example if you order on a weekend your order will go out on Monday and you can get by wens, thursday at latest. I can get packs to east coast 3-4 days. Why do I pride my self on delivery time? Because I don't like having to wait for a week or 2 for my meds and neither should you so I am going to change that for us:)

give me a chance and I will show you



my PGP


Version: GnuPG v2





























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50.00 USD
Sunset Sherbert Seeds

Sold By: medicalgreens

Sunset Sherbert Seeds 5 pack. Reg not auto or fem seeds. Strong and healthy genetics

75.00 USD
Prerolls 25 pack .8 gram rolled with all flower

Sold By: medicalgreens

5 pack of prerolls rolled with all flower, comes out to 3 dollars a preroll, choose from Sativa, Indica, or CBD, or you can mix and matchFast and Stealth shipping.Larger orders available, much larger but price is pretty much as low as I can...

30.00 USD
Prerolls 10 pack .8 gram rolled with all flower

Sold By: medicalgreens

10 pack of prerolls rolled with all flower, comes out to 3 dollars a preroll, choose from Sativa, Indica, or CBD, or you can mix and matchFast and Stealth shipping.Larger orders available, much larger but price is pretty much as low as I ca...

140.00 USD
Prerolls 50 pack .8 gram prerolls all flower

Sold By: medicalgreens

50 pack of all flower prerolls , comes out to 3 dollars a preroll, choose from Sativa, Indica, or CBD, or you can mix and matchFast and Stealth shipping.Larger orders available, much larger but price is pretty much as low as I can go at 3 d...

40.00 USD
2oz Bottle of Cannabis Tincture 400mg THC

Sold By: medicalgreens

Cannabis Tincture 2oz bottle. 400 mg of THC, made with the strain Blue City Diesel.This is good for dosing under tongue, you can put drops in a drink or water, very good for taking traveling/flying when you need your THC but your destination has n...

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400.00 USD
QP of medical grade cannabis

Sold By: medicalgreens

QP's for 400. Choose from GG#4, OG Kush, Chemdawg, Trainwreck, This medical grade Cannabis was grown by Pro's. Lab tested all strains are over 20% THC. No seedsShipped with the best stealth and ships fast. *Please re...

125.00 USD
OZ's of OG Kush, Chemdawg and more for 125

Sold By: medicalgreens

fresh OZ's of medical grade cannabis. Choose from OG Kush, Trainwreck,GG#4, Chemdawg, blueberry cheesecake. Lab tested all stains are over 20%THCWe ship with great stealth and fast.21 and over only