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1.00 USD
OpenBazaar Donations

Sold By: OpenBazaar Store

Donate to the OpenBazaar project. Donations go into the community fund which help pay for testing, server infrastructure, attending conferences, and purch...

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7.00 USD
OpenBazaar 2 Turns 1 Swag Bundle (BTC)

Sold By: OpenBazaar Store

Celebrate 1 year of OpenBazaar 2 with this great swag pack! Priced crazy low at just $1 with FREE shipping because we want to make sure you have the right gear to show off your support and have a chance to see how EASY shopping on OpenBazaar c...

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350.00 USD
Oxycodone 30mg ( K 9 ) X 30

Sold By: Deepbay Drugs

Oxycodone Hydrochloride
Imprint:K 9
Strength:30 mgColor:BlueShape:RoundLabeler / Supplier:KVK Tech Inc...

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5.50 EUR
Tor Sticker Pack

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

Tor Sticker Pack2 x medium size Tor Stickers 1 x Tor Projekt Sticker | Tor Supporter B/W (out of stock! please tell me what sticker you would like for a replacement) 1 x Tor...

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7.00 USD
Set of Two Pins: OpenBazaar and Bitcoin

Sold By: OpenBazaar Store

OpenBazaar and Bitcoin Enamel on Metal PinsOpenBazaar + Bitcoin = Free markets!
Free the market, free the world.
Show your support for free trade and free markets with these pins. Quality build with a ...

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4.50 EUR
Physical Bitcoin | Kupfer gold / silber

Sold By: Max aka @Anyone

Material: Silver Plated Iron

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4.00 USD
OpenBazaar Pin

Sold By: OpenBazaar Store

OpenBazaar enamel on metal pinFree the market, free the world.
Show your support for decentralization and free trade by wearing an OpenBazaar pin.
Silver lettering stands out well on the black ena...

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720.00 USD

Sold By: ITECH - Carded Merchendise

Brand New in its original packaging, in Assay
Tracked delivery worldwide

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15.00 USD
OpenBazaar Decentralize Together T-shirt

Sold By: OpenBazaar Store

OpenBazaar T-Shirt 
Show your support for decentralized markets and free trade by wearing one of these T-Shirts. All proceeds go directly into the OpenBazaar project fund to help pay for bug bounties, server infrastruct...

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Sold By: openoms BTC UK

Freshly mined, untainted, transparent Zcash.Buy with confidence with the moderator of your choice.Currently 25 ZEC is for sale, check back again for more.Mobile wallet for Android and iOS:...

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