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Uncle John's Political Briefs - Bathroom Readers' Institute

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Liberal, conservative, independent, or just plain nuts--no one in the public sector gets a free pass in this funny and informative look at the world of politics.

No one skewers public servants of all political stripes like Uncle John! Here’s a no-holds-barred look at the history and lunacy of our govern-mental machine. Starting with the birth of democracy in the western world, you’ll learn how today’s political landscape was shaped and get an inside look at how government works (and doesn’t work)--from Main Street to Wall Street to Pennsylvania Avenue to the world stage. These 288 pages consist of the most eye-opening political articles from the BRI’s 25-year-history, plus a few all-new pieces ripped from the election-year headlines. So do your civic duty and read about…


* Toilet diplomacy

* Gingrich vs. the Glitterati

* Why a donkey? Why an elephant?

* Animals that ran for office…and won

* The island election that was buried by a volcanic eruption

* The birth, death, and rebirth of America’s major political parties

* Why the first U.S. congresswoman had to hide in a phone both

* The rapper who (nearly) took a swing at Romney

* The Russian czar who taxed the human soul

* The secret plot to take down FDR

* Poisonous pundits

  And much, much more!


Format: epub

ISBN: 9781607106951

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