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Dropbox Permanent 18 GB Lifetime Space Referral Program

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1. Note that ONLY Personal account can be upgraded to 18GB! Work/School Account CANNOT be upgraded. 

2. Please private massage me your referrals link ( You MUST get it from , DO NOT get the link from mobile app.) after you purchase this service.

3.The total space will be increased to 18 GB (2 GB initial + 16 GB max referral bonus). Note that it's not "increase 18GB" but "reach 18GB".

4. When you receive the notification that "item is shipped" means your referral link is in processing. In order to control the risk and secure the space you earned, we will gradually process it. You can use your Dropbox as normal as usual. The whole process will last 17~23 days. If you have not seen any change in 3 business days after you placing your order, please contact me immediately. 

5. Typical Q&A

          A: Sorry, I can only help you reach 18GB, not add 16GB, not add 18GB.

          A: You can check the space status from  When you see any of the entry's "Space earned" shows "Completed", it means you have reached the ref bonus limit.

If you have any question, please contact me before you placing the order. Thanks!

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