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Epithalamin (aka Epithalon, Epitalon)

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Each vial contains 10mg of Epithalon. There are total 10 vials (100mg) per box. The price is per box and the product ships from China. 

Epithalon is the synthetic version of the polypeptide Epithalamin which is naturally produced in humans. It decreases the age-related changes in immune and neuroendocrine systems, reduces the incidence of recurrent infections and chronic diseases. Long term clinical trials have shown that in patients with age-related pathology Epithalamin eliminates imbalance in prooxidation and antioxidation systems. Epithalon is one of the very few known substances which are able to activate the Telomerase enzyme in humans. Telomerase renews (elongates) the telomeres, which are responsible for protection of the human DNA from damage and cancer causing errors. Epithalon restores and normalizes the levels of gonadotropic hormones (FSG, LG, prolactin) which is especially beneficial as a post steroid cycle treatment. It also regulates neuroendocrinous system, increases the hypothalamic sensitivity to the endogenous hormonal effects, decrease or suppression of proliferative changes in vaginal epithelium and endometrium in anovulatory phase, positive influence on peripheral haemodynamics: improvement of blood rheology, decrease of intravessel thrombogenesis, regulation of the levels of reactants in the acute inflammation phase (c3-component of the complement, pre-albumin, C-reactive protein, alpha-orosomucoids), normalization of T-cell immunity, normalization of aqua-electrolyte balance indices, normalization of uric acid levels, normalization of Cholesterol, rejuvenation / strengthening of the immune system, inhibition of spontaneous and induced carcinogenesis (tumor prevention)

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