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Star Trek Unlimited #1 (1996) Comic Book

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Star Trek Unlimited #1 (November 1996) by Marvel Comics

Cover by Mark Buckingham & Kev F. Sutherland. Stories by Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton. Art by Ron Randall, Carlos Garzon, Jerome Moore, Mark Buckingham, Al Williamson, Derek Fisher and Kev F. Sutherland. Do you like both the original Star Trek series and Star Trek: The Next Generation? Now both cravings can be satisfied! "Directives" - First, in the debut Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure, the Enterprise and the Lom must supervise first contact with an unknown civilization called the Endrel. The problem: the Lom's Prime Directive and the Federation's Prime Directive have opposite meanings. How can Picard protect the Endrel without violating Starfleet's code of honor? "Dying of the Light" - Then, in the debut Star Trek story, only Captain Kirk can stop the all-out interstellar war brewing between the Federation and the Gorn! 

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