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Power Pachyderms #1 (1989) Comic Book

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Power Pachyderms #1 (September 1989) by Marvel Comics

Story by Roger Stern. Art and cover by Maddie Blaustein, credited as Adam Blaustein. Three years after the rage for indie books spoofing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel finally gets into the act, with what was originally titled Adult Thermonuclear Samurai Elephants. Due to the delay, it was packaged as an X-Men spoof instead. Circus elephants irradiated in a nuclear accident give birth to super-powered pachyderms: Electralux, a martial artist; Mammoth, a metallic powerhouse with the soul of a bad poet; Trunklops, who shoots energy beams from his nose; and Rumbo, with razor-sharp retractable tusks. 

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