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Superboy The Comic Book #1 (1990) Comic Book

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Superboy The Comic Book #1 (February 1990) by DC Comics

The weekly syndicated, live action 'Superboy' television show debuted in the fall of 1988 - ranking #1 in its time slot in most of the 160+ markets. In the fall of 1989, the series returned to TV with a new cast, new stories - and a DC Comics SUPERBOY comic book series to support it. SUPERBOY #1 picks up where the television series leaves off, delving into the missing pieces of Superboy's life, revealing secrets the TV show has never touched upon. You'll learn about Clark's arrival at college...his reasons for putting on the unique blue-and-red costume that would one day be known throughout the universe...his meeting with a mysterious being from space, and more. Written by John Moore, with art by Jim Mooney and Ty Templeton. Photo cover featuring Gerard Christopher and Stacy Haiduk. 

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