What is BlockBooth?

BlockBooth is a search engine and explorer for a new peer-to-peer marketplace known as OpenBazaar.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockBoothOB

TOR Mirror: http://vnjzhvm5gkctyldn.onion/search/

What is OpenBazaar?

OpenBazaar is an open source project to create a decentralized network for peer to peer commerce online—using Bitcoin—that has no fees and no restrictions.

OpenBazaar is to Ebay/Amazon what Bitcoin is to fiat currency. It is uncontrollable.

Read more from their official blog: What is OpenBazaar?


Bitcoin donations are appreciated and can be sent to 1Fc5LdJSZwcsLojHpihqjqbnnXMxjADVFZ

Bitcoin Cash donations are appreciated and can also be sent to 1Fc5LdJSZwcsLojHpihqjqbnnXMxjADVFZ

Legal Stuff

This website does not approve of any content being sold on the OpenBazaar network. We have no control over what people list on the marketplace nor do we facilitate any transactions or handle any funds.

What we cannot do:

This website can be thought of as Google and Cloudflare combined, but for the OpenBazaar p2p network instead of the World Wide Web. Like Cloudflare and Google, we are not a hosting provider and have no way of removing abusive content from a peer-to-peer network.

For the time being, we're funded out of pocket. This means we do not have any support staff to go through listings or respond to support requests 24/7. If you'd like to change that, please donate a sizeable amount of funds so we can hire employees.


Despite all of this, if you still need to contact us, send an email to: [email protected]